How to Win the Sit ‘n’ Go Poker Tournament War


What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the following words – tactics, strategy, operations, logistics, manpower, maneuvering? These terms, however, may also be prominent from the worlds of business, politics, and sometimes even poker, especially tournament poker.

Really, some of history’s great warlords, generals and combatants have handed down military teachings that are of persuasive significance not merely to individuals on the subject of conflict; but also to those from domino99 the company boardroom, along the campaign trail, or even around a tournament poker table.

In actuality, the science and art of warfare is every bit as applicable to the conduct of a military engagement, because it really is always to a nine-person sit n go poker championship – that is, basically, a tiny warfare, fought to the death, before only one is left standing.

The championship poker table is just nothing less than a theater of warfare. It’s host to your complex battle of wits, and the proficient setup and maneuvering of manpower (chips). During which, several conflicting armies (competitions ) fight before, one at a time, each but one, is wholly destroyed.

It’s a place where every combatant is arbitrarily, unequally, and unfairly subjected to either fortuitous great luck (the suck-out donkey) or grave hardship (the major hands which lost the big bud ), also sometimes both. Nevertheless, all toil both under precisely the exact same duress of always changing and penalizing conditions (escalating blinds).

Just as on the battlefield, in a poker tournament, you’re occasionally fated to a campaign over a lengthy open field (short piled ) against a determined enemy, who’s well entrenched in the high earth (big stacked). While other occasions, these functions are reversed, and you’re the one appreciating the higher ground advantage.

Sometimes, you send out a squad of select troops onto a reconnaissance mission (pre flop minimum lift ). Sometimes, you work with a platoon to excite a skirmish to test the enemy’s strength of will (semibluff re-raise). On some occasions, you devote a division to summarily claim an important conflict (pot-sized river bet). And, sometimes you attack with the entire force of one’s entire army (push all in ) to destroy an enemy, right then and there.

Other occasions, you cut the borders of the enemy, like you’re not anything more than a band of guerrilla fighters (slipping blinds). Afterward , there would be the unpleasant occasions when you have to escape (fold the turn). And, there are also the days when you appear to retreat, but only to lay an ambush (checking with a set). Merely to sweeten the battle, you and your troops are always out , at the least when war is declared.

Alright, a lot of the military metaphor. So what can a number of history’s great professionals of war teach us concerning championship poker? Plenty. Allow me to present our prestigious panel:

1. Clausewitz’s military treatise,” About War, can be considered, at least at the West, as you of the very important novels ever written. It’s had a profound effect upon strategic thinking and the length of modern individual events.

Quote attributed to Clausewitz:

“The very best form of defense is attack”

Have you got any uncertainty that Clausewitz would have fully appreciated the importance of aggression in tournament poker?

2. Sun tzu (c. 722-481 BCE). There is debate concerning if Sun-Tzu actually existed or not. However, that is not an essential matter. The key matter is the book, Artwork of War, does exist. And, it’s preeminent among all books on war, even when it is 2,500 years of age. Regardless of where in the world you call home, and regardless of one’s profession – war, politics, business, sports – that you likely have studied Artwork of War, lots of times.

Sun Tzu in Art of War:

“In war, the solution is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.”

During a tournament, and especially if in bubble play, there is no better way than to prevent the strong (bigger piles ) and attack the feeble (smaller stacks).

3. Cao Cao (155-220). Cao Caoa Chinese military genius, was so bad (great at what he did) his personality has survived the ages to be prominent popular figure. Cao Cao may be your title name and track of the record by Lin Jun Jie, released in 2006. Dynasty Warriors, both and several other video gaming comprise his character. His personality looks from the 2008 picture, Red Cliff. And, his life is documented in the historical publication, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, from Luo Guanzhong.

Attributed into Cao Cao:

“If the enemy attacks me,” he becomes more vulnerable.”

Think of it quote. It is most likely the very enlightening and informative article of these quotes in this article. For some of us, it could represent a sea change in our attitude in an aggressive competition. The quote isn’t about perceiving ourselves stronger, and hence having the ability to punish a competitive competitor. As an alternative, the concept to adopt is that every aggressor leaves themselves vulnerable.

4. Yamamoto Tsunetomo (1659-1719). Passing on the battle field was the greatest of honors. But, only as long as you fell facing the enemy. Greater still was that your honour, in the event you take the mind of one’s enemy, although he had just cut yours off – purposefulness into its’ extreme.

“In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths.”

Indecision, and its cousin, not enough self confidence, are the antithesis of this means of the Samurai, and are worthless traits for its championship player, too. Learn how to become purposeful at the championship table. Since you learn to act decisively, your own confidence and guts will grow, as you won’t have given self-doubt even a small a opportunity.

So, how do we win against the sit n go warfare?

By learning from these, and the various other of history military geniuses – they understood and were focused on their calling, they can calculate and accept justified riskthey could recognize and exploit weakness, they can plan strategically and execute tactically, and so they always exercised field, patience and great judgment.

You do not need to be a genius to recognize the significance of the skills. They define victory in various occupations, including poker. You just have to desire to acquire them.

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