Free football in Japan


Free Football + Japan … Well, it’s a very strong blow there. Japan has a love for many different things. As far as I know there is no real magazine devoted to free football … the whole world! But in Japan they own it, in 2005 they had a magazine about free football. Directors of the magazine went all over the world to record insane madmen. This magazine has been sold in stories like Seventeen and so on.

At that time, they also had regular competitions and seemed to like people playing free! Japan also has some great freestylers as well, some top class. The Japanese style is different from the European style though. In Europe this crazy era “minimum” that governs, all about crazy tricks. In Japan it is about style, creativity and the individual บ้านผลบอล.

In Japan they have also seen very rare performances in the rest of the world. Concurrent performances appear, to make one or more of the signers do the same to the rhythm. This kind of presentation is very difficult! The Japanese are also very committed to the practice of free football, so they continue to improve and better all the time, and it seems they can not be stopped.

I have seen young children, ages 9 to 10, doing crazy things with football. They start at a very young age and they remain only dedicated, and this is very amazing! How free fever is at this moment in Japan do not really know because I have not gone there for some time. I think it grows more and more every day in Japan. The professionals there do a lot of presentations and various events etc.

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